My Projects

1. Radiation therapy planning using a proton beam (1992-1994)

A complete Therapy Planning System for Protons, sold to the Tygerberg Hospital in South Africa.
Programming environment: Turbo Pascal under MS-DOS. Summary: Reading patient data of CT images, beam data from proprietary files. Graphical analysis and modification of the patient data, marking target area and sensitive spots. Calculating isodoses and other therapy-relevant data from user-defined beams.
Output: 2D and 3D images of patient geometry and isodoses.

Name of client: Stellenbosch Scientific Instruments CC (Stellenbosch, South Africa)

2. Program for organizing patient data for german hospitals (1994-1996)

Various projects for patient databanks in German hospitals.
Programming environment: Delphi with Informix and Oracle DB-servers under Windows 3.1, 95 and NT. Main project was a national system for smartcards carried by (mainly) high-risk people containing relevant medical data such as allergies, previous illnesses and contact addresses. Here I was responsible for the Delphi-based client program. Summary: Scanning and text-recognition of patient applications. Correction and verification of that data, inserting it into an Informix DB. Searching through and general maintenance of existing entries. Interface to the software used by the company actually producing the cards.

Name of client: Marabu EDV Systeme (Gross-Glienicke, Germany)

3. Simulation program for LITT (Laser Induced Thermo Therapy) (1998)

A program to calculate the effects of laser radiation on (tumor) tissue.
Photon paths get calculated using a Monte Carlo simulation, the heat dissipation then gets calculated and an Arrhenius formalism predicts the changes in the tissue characteristics. This process was repeated as often as desired or such that the development of the tissue damage could be viewed in real time. Various applicators could be defined in 3D, output was the resulting temperature or tissue-damage in 1D, 2D or 3D.
Programming environment: Delphi with Paradox tables under Windows 9x.

Name of client: Laser- und Medizin-Technologie gGmbH (Berlin, Germany)

4. Project management for an engineering company (1998-1999)

Project management software for an engineering company specializing in ventilation and fire safety for new buildings. Programming environment: Delphi with an Interbase server under Windows NT, linking to MS Word 6.0 and Office 2000. Summary: Supplier and customer control. Writing offers, reports, bills (creating standarized documents for MS Word via WordBasic and VBA) and managing all current projects. Full statistics of previous projects, sales and expenses.

Name of client: Ingenieurbüro Goldman (Berlin, Germany)

5. A managment and billing system for a large shipping supplier in Berlin (1996-1999)

A fully integrated enterprise solution for a business selling shipping supplies. Programming environment: Delphi with Paradox tables under Windows 9x. Summary: Complete stock control, billing and expenses, communications among networked PCs as well as externally placed PCs, banking, sales analyses and statistics. Started from scratch: Aquisition of all hardware, installing the network, designing and coding the program, training the users. Support contract was in place for several years.

Name of client: MBS GmbH & Co KG (Berlin, Germany)

6. Program to analyze the sourcecode of BASIC programs (1998)

Given the project's main file, this program will analyze the code and display all units, functions, variables, etc... in a treeview much like the modern visual studio does. External test routines can be added to test seperate functions. Programming environment: Microsoft Visual C under Windows 95.

Name of client: Büro für angepasste Software Lösungen (Dresden, Germany)

7. Program for steering an array of diodes (1998-2000)

Software to steer an array of diodes measuring the field of medical X-ray systems. Programming environment: Delphi with Paradox tables under Windows 9x and NT. Summary: Steering the hardware, displaying the measured profiles in 2D and 3D, evaluating relevant data like symmetry, flatness, etc... Storing these plots in a table for comparison with other measurements. System is installed in various hospitals all over Europe. New capabilities are being implemented continually, including support for filmscanners and water phantoms.

Name of client: Schuster Medizinische Systeme GmbH (Forchheim, Germany)

8. Software to steer a wire cutter for blocks in radiation therapy (1999).

Programming environment: Delphi under Windows 9x and Win2000. Summary: Importing data from various Therapy Planning Systems (mostly DICOM) or mouse/digitizer. Display and editing of the data (shapes of blocks to shield sensitive patient areas from radiation), calculating the desired divergence of these blocks. Steering the wire cutter to produce the blocks. Patient- and block- data is stored in files for future reference, an index file is kept to allow easy searching through the files. Program is installed in many clinics world-wide.

Name of client: Robert Ströhmann Medizinische Physik (Solingen, Germany)

9. Software to steer a milling machine for compensators in radiation therapy (2003).

Programming environment: Delphi under Windows 9x and Win2000. Summary: Importing data from various Therapy Planning Systems. Display of the data (more or less concentric contours at various depths). Setting machine parameters (size of millbit, speed, etc...), steering the milling machine's stepper motors. Patient- and compensator- data is stored in files for future reference, an index file is kept to allow easy searching through the files.

Name of client: Robert Ströhmann Medizinische Physik (Solingen, Germany)

10. Software to exchange measured data (2000).

Programming environment: Delphi under Windows 9x/NT. Summary: Moves datasets (measured by an external program) between files. Multilingual, uses ACCESS files (was required...).
As a spin-off, I developed a utility to analyze given databanks (this one was undocumented) and export their structure to HTML. It also automatically creates Pascal class definitions for accessing the various tables. If you are interested in this tool, send me an email.

Name of client: Kuhnke can & end control equipment (Berlin, Germany)

11. Process-checker (2000).

Programming environment: Delphi under Windows 9x/NT. Summary: Periodically checks whether pre-defined programs are running (or have crashed, via ActiveX/OLE). Will (re-)start them if necessary, generates detailed reports including data from queries to an MS-SQL Server which it can send to the sysop via email. All entries (programs to check, queries and other parameters) are easily modified by the user.

Name of client: MIXX Chipkartensysteme GmbH (Berlin, Germany)

12. Software for smartcard terminals (2000-2004).

Until march 2004, I worked for three days a week for the MIXX Chipkarten Systeme GmbH as a project manager. There I developed loyalty schemes employing chipcards. I was responsible mostly for the databases and the programs which run on the little terminals, but also developed some administration tools for these databases.
Some of these projects were: Programming environment: Several C compilers (Watcom, Tasking C166, Borland C Builder) under Windows NT/2000. Their output gets translated where necessary and downloaded onto the terminals. ORGA's LEO toolkit, MoneyLine and other terminals. I used PHP and an MS SQL Database for work on the administration tools.

Name of clients: MIXX Chipkartensysteme GmbH (Berlin, Germany), Sodexho Pass GmbH (Berlin, Germany)

13. Web-based administration tool for the DTB (2003-4).

The "Deutscher Turnerbund" is the national organisation of german gymnasts. It is split into 20 states and 300 regional offices and administrates 20'000 gymnastics clubs with 4 million members throughout Germany. All their info can be handled and changed via a webinterface in which clubs can also sign up for all events and seminars organised by the DTB. My responsibility (at MIXX) was the global planning of the whole project: Establishing desired functionality with the customer, designing the database and leading the programmers and designers implementing the project.
The system consists of a MySQL database accessed via PHP running on an apache webserver.

Name of client: Deutscher Turnerbund (Frankfurt/Main, Germany)

14. Software to administrate a hostel (2003).

Programming environment: Delphi under Windows 9x/NT with Paradox tables. Summary: The district council sends people to the hostel and pays their fees. This program covers all aspects of the required administration, from storing the requests over assigning rooms to the people to informing the local police when the people leave again (in Germany, you are required to notify the police of your place of residence). All required documents (how many and what kinds of rooms are available, monthly bills, etc...) are printed using Microsoft Word or directly as HTML files.

Name of client: HPG Heimbetrieb GmbH (Berlin, Germany)

15. Software to aquire and analyse X-ray films (2004).

Programming environment: Delphi under Windows 2000 and XP with a Firebase databaseserver.
Summary: Aquisition of films directly from the scanner via TWAIN or from files. Correction for image scaling and rotation, subtraction of the offset, application of the scanner's calibration. The user can mark points and regions of interest with the mouse and measure distances, angles and areas. Visualisation is aided by emphasising chosen isodoses, using false colours, a zoom-function, etc... Several films can be merged into one complete image. All data is stored in a central database.

Name of client: Robert Ströhmann Medizinische Physik (Oldenburg, Deutschland)

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